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Request a Free Target

Yep that is right get a Free zombie or head shot target target, this is a promo from the Glockbrothers. Get free PDF printable targets that you can do what you like with. We will send them to your email. If you were looking for targets that do not print out you can buy Targets at Lucky Gunner.

This is the bullzeye with 8 rings target picture of free target from the glock brothers Picture telling you about how you can get a free target through email This is the point of aim target This is the Save the Girl target This is the Trucker Zombie target picture of free zombie target from the glock brothers

Why do most consider Glock as Best?

Glock 22C

This is a picture of a Glock 22 C, Glock used this picture to promote the C models of Glocks. The ad had the text on it “C what you have been missing” I Thought it was a cool Glock ad, and it has stuck with me. The "C" stands for compensated. Glock is good which makes some people ask: Why is Glock consider Best?

Bullet Impact Video

A bullet impact at 1 million frames per second

to video bullet impact I hope you enjoy the video and as well the music. Big Lou enjoyed the music. (that is me)

Welcome to Open Source Gun. This site is new!

On going Contrustion. Hey we are always working on this website. Enjoy the random stuff on this site. This site is going to be redesigned, This is Beta only, pulling a google and having stuff in Beta for a long time. This website is mobile and tablet friendly, it has responsive design. If you resize the web browser window you will see.

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