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How to Uphold Your Gun Safe for Years of Use

You own a gun then you already know the importance of gun safety and the need of taking care of it. You know that you must keep it clean and make sure about storing it in a secure place correct! By keeping, your gun clean helps to keep it in tip-top condition. In addition, to keeping your gun clean you need the best gun safe that is tamper-proof and hard to break into.

Some are even too difficult to carry away, made from durable steel, and only can access it by using a key, combination or even your fingerprint. You can place many different guns, magazines, and other valuable documents in it depending on the size. Choosing the best one all depends on your needs, budget, and features offered. Even though the first step is to acquire a functional, safe there is another important thing – what about the maintenance of the safe. Never thought of that correct!

Today The Best Gun Safe Guy wants to bring something different to you, and that is how to uphold your gun safe for years of use.

So How Do You Maintain a Gun Safe for Years of Use

As important as keeping your gun clean you need to keep your gun safe in good working order. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with an intruder in your home! You slowly move to your handgun safe ready to open it only to find that the safes jammed up on you. Not a good thing if you think about it!

The best gun safes available on the market have excellent features, have durable designs, and they are made from high-resistant material to prevent breakage. Some can even withstand certain elements such as water and fire. Nevertheless, you still need to maintain them to a certain level to make sure that they provide the security needed for your valuables.

You need to keep the gun safe, clean to last you a lifetime of use, as this will prevent you from spending money on a new one.

Clean the Exterior

Clean the exterior of your gun safe, at least once a month to prevent a dust buildup. If you have one of the best gun safes in your home with a textured, powder-coat or gloss finish, make sure to use a non-abrasive cloth to clean it. Use a natural soap with warm water and clean all the metal parts like the handle, hinges and locking bolts.

You can also use a metal cleaner but be careful, it may eat away the coating on the safe parts. By cleaning it regularly, it will prevent a sticky dust buildup on the exterior of the safe. If you do find some scratches on the exterior, you can touch it up with some paint.

Grease the locking bolts

Make sure to grease the chrome locking bolts at the bottom and on the front side. You can do this once a year, as it prevents the door from sticking when you do find yourself in an emergency home invasion. If you happen to have a fire resistant safe, there is no need of maintaining the fire seal but you still need to keep an eye on it for any damage. If you notice a rip in the fire seal, it is time to get a new one. Vacuum the interior of the safe to prevent dust buildup on the inside and wipe it down with a soft rag.

Cleaning the Fingerprint Scanner on a Gun Safe

One of the most delicate parts on any Biometric gun safe is the fingerprint scanner. You want to keep it performing at all times and need to keep it clean. Always use a dry soft cloth and wipe it off regularly as fingerprint smudges build up on it. Do this after each use. Always test the scanner every six months with the registered fingerprints and keep liquids away from the control panel.

Have Your Gun Safe Serviced

Have your gun safes lock checked out by a certified technician at least once a year. They will make sure that the lock is in a good working condition. Not only will they make sure the lock is working but will check out the safe for any other problems that may occur.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that even the best gun safe can give you problems if you do not take care of it. Use the above information to keep your gun safe maintained and working in tip-top condition as it can save your life. If you do not have a suitable safe, you can always check us out at The Best Gun Safe Guy! You may find something suitable to keep your firearms and valuables safe.


Editor note: Things to think about. You may want think about security. Learn how to service the safe yourself. Comment below if you want to learn how to do these things.

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