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Standard or Normal Capacity Magazine

yes it has a limited capacity and not a standard or normal capacity of 30 rounds. We need to forget we have ever heard of a High capacity magazine. When asked by anyone say ” I guess that would refer to those magazines that have a higher capacity than 30??” Standard capacity of a magazine is 30 not 10.

We need to change our mentality and our way of thinking. When people say 30 or 15 is too many to have in a magazine it shows they have a lack of knowledge in gun education. The Goal of Open Source Gun is to educate. Politicians would have you believe that limiting magazine capacity would save lives.

This video is from 2013 gun craze.  The laws proposed proved they had no gun education. One again Vice President at the time thought Shotguns are easier than AR. In fact the Vice President gave bad advice that is against the law to fire a gun in city limits. You are to use a gun only to stop, never should you fire off a round at random see rule 4.

Even tho the stance and how the gun is being held has a lot of issues, you can see AR15 is easier than a shotgun. It is as if Joe Biden has never fired any guns.