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How to Uphold Your Gun Safe for Years of Use

You own a gun then you already know the importance of gun safety and the need of taking care of it. You know that you must keep it clean and make sure about storing it in a secure place correct! By keeping, your gun clean helps to keep it in tip-top condition. In addition, to keeping your gun clean you need the best gun safe that is tamper-proof and hard to break into.

Some are even too difficult to carry away, made from durable steel, and only can access it by using a key, combination or even your fingerprint. You can place many different guns, magazines, and other valuable documents in it depending on the size. Choosing the best one all depends on your needs, budget, and features offered. Even though the first step is to acquire a functional, safe there is another important thing – what about the maintenance of the safe. Never thought of that correct!

Today The Best Gun Safe Guy wants to bring something different to you, and that is how to uphold your gun safe for years of use.

So How Do You Maintain a Gun Safe for Years of Use

As important as keeping your gun clean you need to keep your gun safe in good working order. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with an intruder in your home! You slowly move to your handgun safe ready to open it only to find that the safes jammed up on you. Not a good thing if you think about it!

The best gun safes available on the market have excellent features, have durable designs, and they are made from high-resistant material to prevent breakage. Some can even withstand certain elements such as water and fire. Nevertheless, you still need to maintain them to a certain level to make sure that they provide the security needed for your valuables.

You need to keep the gun safe, clean to last you a lifetime of use, as this will prevent you from spending money on a new one.

Clean the Exterior

Clean the exterior of your gun safe, at least once a month to prevent a dust buildup. If you have one of the best gun safes in your home with a textured, powder-coat or gloss finish, make sure to use a non-abrasive cloth to clean it. Use a natural soap with warm water and clean all the metal parts like the handle, hinges and locking bolts.

You can also use a metal cleaner but be careful, it may eat away the coating on the safe parts. By cleaning it regularly, it will prevent a sticky dust buildup on the exterior of the safe. If you do find some scratches on the exterior, you can touch it up with some paint.

Grease the locking bolts

Make sure to grease the chrome locking bolts at the bottom and on the front side. You can do this once a year, as it prevents the door from sticking when you do find yourself in an emergency home invasion. If you happen to have a fire resistant safe, there is no need of maintaining the fire seal but you still need to keep an eye on it for any damage. If you notice a rip in the fire seal, it is time to get a new one. Vacuum the interior of the safe to prevent dust buildup on the inside and wipe it down with a soft rag.

Cleaning the Fingerprint Scanner on a Gun Safe

One of the most delicate parts on any Biometric gun safe is the fingerprint scanner. You want to keep it performing at all times and need to keep it clean. Always use a dry soft cloth and wipe it off regularly as fingerprint smudges build up on it. Do this after each use. Always test the scanner every six months with the registered fingerprints and keep liquids away from the control panel.

Have Your Gun Safe Serviced

Have your gun safes lock checked out by a certified technician at least once a year. They will make sure that the lock is in a good working condition. Not only will they make sure the lock is working but will check out the safe for any other problems that may occur.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that even the best gun safe can give you problems if you do not take care of it. Use the above information to keep your gun safe maintained and working in tip-top condition as it can save your life. If you do not have a suitable safe, you can always check us out at The Best Gun Safe Guy! You may find something suitable to keep your firearms and valuables safe.


Editor note: Things to think about. You may want think about security. Learn how to service the safe yourself. Comment below if you want to learn how to do these things.

5 Expert Insights For Purchasing the Right Gun Safe

Firearms are great for protection. But when you aren’t there to use them, even your guns need security. In order to keep your firearms safe, you need to invest in a quality gun safe. But your safe needs to be right for you and your needs. To purchase the right gun safe, here is what you need to know.


Intention to Protect

You need to know what you are protecting your firearms from. You need to know if you are trying to deter a burglar, protect from fire damage, or just prevent children from getting in. If you are looking to protect against all of that, even that is going to determine the best safe for you. The way that you get a safe that is completely wrong is by making the mistake of buying just any safe.


It is important to know what you are going to put in your guns safe. That means you know the dimensions of the safe and the type of protection that you want. Know how many rifles, handguns, magazines, and the amount of ammo are you looking to store. Pro Tip: Safe manufacturers will also claim that you will be able to fit more guns in their racks than is practical. And always get a gun safe that holds more than you have, so that you can grow into the safe.


A safe is an investment. That means that you need to be willing to spend quite a bit of money on the safe itself. Be prepared to spend 10% of the value of the safe’s contents on just the safe. Without spending that much, there is little reason for buying a safe at all. If you are not going to spend the money on actually protecting your firearms, then you should save the money for more guns.

After you know what you are looking to protect, and what you are looking to protect it from, you can look at the price ranges. Just so no one gets sticker shock, we are talking about thousands of dollars, minimum, for a safe that is going to make a difference. If you are just looking for something cheap, get a personal protection box. It will keep the kids out and can open quickly in an emergency. Do not compromise on quality for a better deal.


The way a safe is built is going to influence the level of protection it offers. You want high-quality metal, and you need it in the door and the safe body. 12-gauge steel is the highest you should go (as the number increases the steel is more malleable: i.e. 9 is better than 13). It is important that both the body and the door offer the same level of protection, as a thief will often attack the weaker steel. You also want to get a safe with a continuous weld, as spot welded safes have well-documented methods for forced entry. It is also important that there is not a gap between the body and the door of the safe when the safe is locked. The larger the gap, the easier it is to leverage the door and pry the safe open.


If you are worried about fire damage, you need to get a safe with insulated layering between the metal of the body as well as insulation in the door. The more layers of insulation, the longer the contents of the safe will be protected. Safes are fire rated by how long they can maintain a non-harmful temperature inside, under a certain heat, and for how long. These stats can get muddled, as some companies will test their safes at a higher temperature for less time, or vice versa. Pro Tip: place safe away from interior walls where the heat is the highest. exterior walls would be cooler.

Ease of Access

The better protected your firearms are, the more difficult they are to access. A safe with a combination dial is very secure, but it takes a long time to open. Digital dials are quicker to open, and the higher end ones are even EMP proof. But when the battery runs out, the safe does not open. When it doesn’t open, you will need to spend money on a locksmith, and maybe even a new safe. Some safes offer both a digital dial, and a backup combination lock, but now there are two ways to open your safe. Whatever method of entry gives you the hardest time, also gives a criminal the hardest time.


The issue with a higher level of safety for your guns is that it is harder to access them quickly during an emergency. That is why guns in a safe are not ideal for emergency use. If you need your weapon, you need it fast. If your goal is personal protection, it is better to get something concealed and sturdy enough to keep a child out of it. A safe is for what you want to protect, not for what you want to protect you.

The Right Dimensions

When you are buying a safe, you need to have some idea of where you are going to put it. Bolting the safe to the ground is essential, so it will need to be an area where this is possible. If your safe is not bolted down, you are at risk of the most basic and likely type of theft, which is that of the safe itself. If this is impractical because of the size of the safe, or the layout of the room, criminals will still try to tip it so that prying violent entry attacks are easier.

The safe dimensions should also ideally fit an area that is not highly trafficked, so as few people as possible will see it. The fewer people that see your safe, the better protected the safe is. Ideally, you should buy a safe that you can conceal fully. These considerations must be done before buying the safe so preparations can be made before initial safe installation.


With this information, you can buy the perfect safe for your needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Invest in a safe that protects and properly stores your firearms. And remember to keep your safe humidity free to decrease rust and wear on your guns. Guns make for a safe house, but safe guns make for a safer home.

By Ralph Goodman.

Pro tip: store ammo and guns separate if you are worried about fire and safety.  In a fire the ammo will burn other items in the safe.


Standard or Normal Capacity Magazine

yes it has a limited capacity and not a standard or normal capacity of 30 rounds. We need to forget we have ever heard of a High capacity magazine. When asked by anyone say ” I guess that would refer to those magazines that have a higher capacity than 30??” Standard capacity of a magazine is 30 not 10.

We need to change our mentality and our way of thinking. When people say 30 or 15 is too many to have in a magazine it shows they have a lack of knowledge in gun education. The Goal of Open Source Gun is to educate. Politicians would have you believe that limiting magazine capacity would save lives.

This video is from 2013 gun craze.  The laws proposed proved they had no gun education. One again Vice President at the time thought Shotguns are easier than AR. In fact the Vice President gave bad advice that is against the law to fire a gun in city limits. You are to use a gun only to stop, never should you fire off a round at random see rule 4.

Even tho the stance and how the gun is being held has a lot of issues, you can see AR15 is easier than a shotgun. It is as if Joe Biden has never fired any guns.

The Four Rules of Gun Safety You Must Know!

The Four Rules of Gun safety are:

glock 17 inside of chamber, chamber clear

1. Treat the Firearm as if it is loaded. When handling a firearm check and make sure you know the condition of the firearm. Then continue to treat the gun as if it is loaded.

point in safe direction

2. Keep the gun barrel/muzzle pointed in a safe direction.   Or     Never let the gun barrel/muzzle cover anything your not willing to destroy.

Keep finger off the trigger

3. Keep your finger off the trigger, until you are ready to fire.   If your sight are off the target then your finger is off the trigger.

Know what is beyond your target

4. Be Sure of your target and what is beyond your target. (you don’t want to hit something behind your target)

Comment please other ways of wording these rules. These Four Gun rules apply even in gun fight. The still apply if you are a police officer. These rules apply even if you are a solider on a battlefield.

Why should you buy a Mosin Nagant?

nice picture of a Mosin nagant Bolt and magazine.
Side view of Mosin nagant’s bolt and magazine.

Mosin are fun to shoot. They are a full power rifle round that is a lot cheaper to shoot than a standard American rifle round. Cheap gun, cheap bullets, give you a lot of trigger time for a lot less on a full power rifle. It is good to get in time with a .22 rifle but also good to get time in with a full powered rifle. Mosin are easy to clean and maintain. The Caliber is capable of taking down very large Animals if needed. You would be fine hunting anything in North America. Mosin Nagants are not the pretties or best by far. Some say they have the looks of only a mother could love. But to tell ya the truth I love my Mosin.

Picture of mosins nagant, two 91/30, M44 with a bayonet and a M38

Top and bottom is 91/30 The 2nd from the top is a M-38. The 3rd from the top is a M-44. The only difference between the M-38 and a M-44 is the 44 has a bayonet that is attach on the side. The M-38 bayonet comes off. Check out the pictures and the great videos below.

Top view of a bolt of a mosin  nagant with a hex receiver
Just look at the bolt, you can see the mill marks


Wood stock of a mosin nagant
wood stock


Barrrel and muzzle of a 91/30 Mosin
muzzle end

Rear site post and hex receiver of a 91/30 Mosin Nagant

very short: unthoughtful version

Long version: more thoughtful

Well, are you gonna buy one? My video says it all…. Okay, maybe it did not. Mosin Nagant are very rough, fast made rifles. Mosin Nagant are cheap to own and to shoot. But the corrosive ammo is bad for your gun! bah who cares about corrosive ammo cause if you clean right away it does not hurt it. Get some extra strong cleaning solvents. I like having them for barrels and use on the AK piston(it gets really dirty). So comment below why you have not bought one? Or tell me you got one!


Why do most consider Glock as Best?

The Glock g17 is the first in a long line of Glocks coming in with all kinds of calibers.  The Glock G17 is really Simple. The Glock G17 has just 34 Component parts. That is an Amazing piece of engineering.

glock exploded view

The Glock G17 is Safe. yes it is safe. Glock have been tested. Glocks have parts to be drop safe. This author saw some testing in person. By testings, I should say the guy dropped it TWICE! The gun was fully loaded. The Glock really is a safe gun. It has three safety’s. A trigger safety.(some don’t care for this and say, “it gets in the way.”) It has a Drop safety and a Firing pin safety. Some people prefer for there to be a manual or traditional safety. Their reasoning behind it is kind of foolish. If the gun is on safe then it is safe, and nothing bad can happen? Wrong! That is wrong mindset and the wrong way of thinking. The Four Rules of Gun Safety must be followed at all time. If you follow the rules you do not need a manual safety.(if you disagree comment why)

The Glock is indeed a great gun. The Glock started the polymer revolution in handguns.(it was not first, but it was the gun that changed the market) Polymer works! It is light weight and polymer cost less to produce. Torture Test, after torture test to be proven to work and be reliable.

 picture of the glock22C

The picture at the top had the text on it “C what you have been missing”  This Author Thought it was a cool Glock ad.

The Glock G19 is one of the most popular Glock, many pick the G19 for concealed carry. There are thinner guns that are good for a carry choice. When things are popular that means that they do work. The Glock G19 works. The question you have to ask yourself is will it work for you? Being popular is not a bad thing. Popularity comes from being good at what you do. Don’t be different just to be different be different when it is better. Glock Claims it is the world’s most popular pistol.

Glocks are accurate.

Picture of the grips of Gen3 vs Gen4
Gen3 vs Gen4

Gen3 is the older wiser and has been around longer and is very proven. Gen4 have had some issues. Gen3 is cheaper. If you want to change the grip size or have a reversible magazine release then Gen4 maybe better for you. Gen4 has a larger magazine release. Gen3 magazine release seems fine. Gen4 has a dual recoil Spring, some of the reliability issues came from the spring. So is it a feature or a negative? You decide if you really need reduced felt recoil. Glock Claims is increase the life of the spring. New springs for gen3 factory springs are only $10.  If you really must shot with your left hand and you are left eye dominate there are better options. Older than gen3 has no rail and no chamber indicator. Also the older gen Glocks are even cheaper. Having a rail may be worth the extra money. The chamber indicator is on the extractor where as many other manufactures add more parts.

 law_enforcement pick Glock 65 percent of the time

Glock has claimed that more than 65% law enforcement agencies pick Glock. That is impressive. If you are buying a gun you can’t go wrong with Glock. There are many other great guns out there. But Glock is hard to beat for the price and what you get. A Glock is never a bad choice. Many first time buyers pick Glock. There are a lot big fan of Glock. Glocks are simple being there are only 34 parts, good price, and reliable. Better guns are out there not at a better price.



7 Facts you need to know about the IWI Tavor

Number one is the cost!

The retail is around $2000, you can get them for under $1800.  This is a pretty big downfall of the high cost. Some people feel this way about the cost.

Saved up for a Tavor Bought a Ak74 ammo and training instead

Bullpup Configuration
You should already know this Just by looking at it. Overall length is much shorter than a AR-15. Some people love them. Some people hate them. They do have a lot of advantages and the disadvantages can be overcome with Training.

Picture of the bulpup Tavor
Yea it is pretty space age the Bulpup design

Uses standard AR-15/M16 magazines
Most of us own a AR-15 and we have lots of wonderful Pmags around. It is wonderful we can use them on the Tavor. Also that Flat Dark Earth color looks good.

100% Ambidextrous Configuration

This is a big plus for lefties. Good for cross training. Get your Magpul art of the gun skills going.

Optional Conversion Kit

They have kits for 9mm and 5.45×39. This ammo is a lot cheaper to shoot. Can be as low as 13 cents a round.

All that ammo!
IWI Tavor converted 5.45x39
How about a SBR in 5.45



Backup Iron Sights

These sights actual look pretty good. and that is a savings of $100. Not all models have this. Make sure the model you are looking at does.

backup Sights IWI Tavor


Tavor Weight is 7.9 Pounds

That is kinda heavy when you can get AR-15 at 6 pounds. Most of the weight is in the back of the gun and feels fine in a bulpup, but you be the Judge. IWI makes good stuff. This one may or may not be right for you. The deal breaker for me is the cost.

free targets at open source gun.

Yes that is right we have some free Targets here at Open Source Gun. You can request to get the pdf file so you can print as many as you want. All you need to do is give us an email and we will send you them. There is some other info on the form you don’t have to fill it out. just tell us what targets you want. We will send you all of them if you like and notify you when we have new designs.

Here is our free Head shot target.
headshot target box with a outline of a head

Get the Free Target here!

Become apart of the The Open Source Gun Community!

Yes pleas join us. Just give us a little bit of your time. It could be as simple as data collection and validation. Open Source anything needs a strong community. We need passionate Moderators, videographer, Audio engineers, YouTubers, Podcasters, producers, skilled people who want to be a part of this.  Just join the community! Lets all be part of this and learn something. Subscribe to the Blog. email us at opensourcegun @ and let us know what you can do.