Why should you buy a Mosin Nagant?

nice picture of a Mosin nagant Bolt and magazine.
Side view of Mosin nagant’s bolt and magazine.

Mosin are fun to shoot. They are a full power rifle round that is a lot cheaper to shoot than a standard American rifle round. Cheap gun, cheap bullets, give you a lot of trigger time for a lot less on a full power rifle. It is good to get in time with a .22 rifle but also good to get time in with a full powered rifle. Mosin are easy to clean and maintain. The Caliber is capable of taking down very large Animals if needed. You would be fine hunting anything in North America. Mosin Nagants are not the pretties or best by far. Some say they have the looks of only a mother could love. But to tell ya the truth I love my Mosin.

Picture of mosins nagant, two 91/30, M44 with a bayonet and a M38

Top and bottom is 91/30 The 2nd from the top is a M-38. The 3rd from the top is a M-44. The only difference between the M-38 and a M-44 is the 44 has a bayonet that is attach on the side. The M-38 bayonet comes off. Check out the pictures and the great videos below.

Top view of a bolt of a mosin  nagant with a hex receiver
Just look at the bolt, you can see the mill marks


Wood stock of a mosin nagant
wood stock


Barrrel and muzzle of a 91/30 Mosin
muzzle end

Rear site post and hex receiver of a 91/30 Mosin Nagant

very short: unthoughtful version

Long version: more thoughtful

Well, are you gonna buy one? My video says it all…. Okay, maybe it did not.┬áMosin Nagant are very rough, fast made rifles.┬áMosin Nagant are cheap to own and to shoot. But the corrosive ammo is bad for your gun! bah who cares about corrosive ammo cause if you clean right away it does not hurt it. Get some extra strong cleaning solvents. I like having them for barrels and use on the AK piston(it gets really dirty). So comment below why you have not bought one? Or tell me you got one!


6 thoughts on “Why should you buy a Mosin Nagant?”

  1. I recently bought a Mosin Nagant that is stamped with the Tula Star and Arrow but it has 1950 as the date beneath.. what makes it strange is it’s an octagon barrel. Have you ever seen this or k now anything about them? Thaks

  2. I bought one at Classic Firearms for $250. I think it’s too much but it has matching bayonet serial number and it’s a hex Izhevsk.

    1. Honestly that is very cool To get a Matching with Hex made by Izhevsk! Not bad at all. Honestly pretty good Buy Don’t know if I would “pull the trigger” on it but would be interesting. Good times and have some FUN! Oh what year was it made?

  3. I purchased a Classic Firearms for $275. I believe it’s excessively however it has coordinating knife serial number and it’s a hex Izhevsk.

    1. For $275 that is a great deal, Good find! Mosin are a ton of fun, I enjoyed them when they were cheap and the ammo was cheap. now you would be better off with a Savage Axis or a Ruger American for a modern rifle.

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