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Why should you buy a Mosin Nagant?

nice picture of a Mosin nagant Bolt and magazine.
Side view of Mosin nagant’s bolt and magazine.

Mosin are fun to shoot. They are a full power rifle round that is a lot cheaper to shoot than a standard American rifle round. Cheap gun, cheap bullets, give you a lot of trigger time for a lot less on a full power rifle. It is good to get in time with a .22 rifle but also good to get time in with a full powered rifle. Mosin are easy to clean and maintain. The Caliber is capable of taking down very large Animals if needed. You would be fine hunting anything in North America. Mosin Nagants are not the pretties or best by far. Some say they have the looks of only a mother could love. But to tell ya the truth I love my Mosin.

Picture of mosins nagant, two 91/30, M44 with a bayonet and a M38

Top and bottom is 91/30 The 2nd from the top is a M-38. The 3rd from the top is a M-44. The only difference between the M-38 and a M-44 is the 44 has a bayonet that is attach on the side. The M-38 bayonet comes off. Check out the pictures and the great videos below.

Top view of a bolt of a mosin  nagant with a hex receiver
Just look at the bolt, you can see the mill marks


Wood stock of a mosin nagant
wood stock


Barrrel and muzzle of a 91/30 Mosin
muzzle end

Rear site post and hex receiver of a 91/30 Mosin Nagant

very short: unthoughtful version

Long version: more thoughtful

Well, are you gonna buy one? My video says it all…. Okay, maybe it did not. Mosin Nagant are very rough, fast made rifles. Mosin Nagant are cheap to own and to shoot. But the corrosive ammo is bad for your gun! bah who cares about corrosive ammo cause if you clean right away it does not hurt it. Get some extra strong cleaning solvents. I like having them for barrels and use on the AK piston(it gets really dirty). So comment below why you have not bought one? Or tell me you got one!


Why do most consider Glock as Best?

The Glock g17 is the first in a long line of Glocks coming in with all kinds of calibers.  The Glock G17 is really Simple. The Glock G17 has just 34 Component parts. That is an Amazing piece of engineering.

glock exploded view

The Glock G17 is Safe. yes it is safe. Glock have been tested. Glocks have parts to be drop safe. This author saw some testing in person. By testings, I should say the guy dropped it TWICE! The gun was fully loaded. The Glock really is a safe gun. It has three safety’s. A trigger safety.(some don’t care for this and say, “it gets in the way.”) It has a Drop safety and a Firing pin safety. Some people prefer for there to be a manual or traditional safety. Their reasoning behind it is kind of foolish. If the gun is on safe then it is safe, and nothing bad can happen? Wrong! That is wrong mindset and the wrong way of thinking. The Four Rules of Gun Safety must be followed at all time. If you follow the rules you do not need a manual safety.(if you disagree comment why)

The Glock is indeed a great gun. The Glock started the polymer revolution in handguns.(it was not first, but it was the gun that changed the market) Polymer works! It is light weight and polymer cost less to produce. Torture Test, after torture test to be proven to work and be reliable.

 picture of the glock22C

The picture at the top had the text on it “C what you have been missing”  This Author Thought it was a cool Glock ad.

The Glock G19 is one of the most popular Glock, many pick the G19 for concealed carry. There are thinner guns that are good for a carry choice. When things are popular that means that they do work. The Glock G19 works. The question you have to ask yourself is will it work for you? Being popular is not a bad thing. Popularity comes from being good at what you do. Don’t be different just to be different be different when it is better. Glock Claims it is the world’s most popular pistol.

Glocks are accurate.

Picture of the grips of Gen3 vs Gen4
Gen3 vs Gen4

Gen3 is the older wiser and has been around longer and is very proven. Gen4 have had some issues. Gen3 is cheaper. If you want to change the grip size or have a reversible magazine release then Gen4 maybe better for you. Gen4 has a larger magazine release. Gen3 magazine release seems fine. Gen4 has a dual recoil Spring, some of the reliability issues came from the spring. So is it a feature or a negative? You decide if you really need reduced felt recoil. Glock Claims is increase the life of the spring. New springs for gen3 factory springs are only $10.  If you really must shot with your left hand and you are left eye dominate there are better options. Older than gen3 has no rail and no chamber indicator. Also the older gen Glocks are even cheaper. Having a rail may be worth the extra money. The chamber indicator is on the extractor where as many other manufactures add more parts.

 law_enforcement pick Glock 65 percent of the time

Glock has claimed that more than 65% law enforcement agencies pick Glock. That is impressive. If you are buying a gun you can’t go wrong with Glock. There are many other great guns out there. But Glock is hard to beat for the price and what you get. A Glock is never a bad choice. Many first time buyers pick Glock. There are a lot big fan of Glock. Glocks are simple being there are only 34 parts, good price, and reliable. Better guns are out there not at a better price.



7 Facts you need to know about the IWI Tavor

Number one is the cost!

The retail is around $2000, you can get them for under $1800.  This is a pretty big downfall of the high cost. Some people feel this way about the cost.

Saved up for a Tavor Bought a Ak74 ammo and training instead

Bullpup Configuration
You should already know this Just by looking at it. Overall length is much shorter than a AR-15. Some people love them. Some people hate them. They do have a lot of advantages and the disadvantages can be overcome with Training.

Picture of the bulpup Tavor
Yea it is pretty space age the Bulpup design

Uses standard AR-15/M16 magazines
Most of us own a AR-15 and we have lots of wonderful Pmags around. It is wonderful we can use them on the Tavor. Also that Flat Dark Earth color looks good.

100% Ambidextrous Configuration

This is a big plus for lefties. Good for cross training. Get your Magpul art of the gun skills going.

Optional Conversion Kit

They have kits for 9mm and 5.45×39. This ammo is a lot cheaper to shoot. Can be as low as 13 cents a round.

All that ammo!
IWI Tavor converted 5.45x39
How about a SBR in 5.45



Backup Iron Sights

These sights actual look pretty good. and that is a savings of $100. Not all models have this. Make sure the model you are looking at does.

backup Sights IWI Tavor


Tavor Weight is 7.9 Pounds

That is kinda heavy when you can get AR-15 at 6 pounds. Most of the weight is in the back of the gun and feels fine in a bulpup, but you be the Judge. IWI makes good stuff. This one may or may not be right for you. The deal breaker for me is the cost.